Graduate of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre  (MD in conducting)

Estonian Broadcasting Company Mixed Choir (singer)

Estonian Oratorio Choir (singer)
Tallinn Mainor Chamber Choir (choir master and singer)
Haapsalu Early Music Festival Choir (singer)
Mixed Choir of Association of Estonian Chamber Choirs (singer)
Opera Choir of Estonian National Opera (singer) 
and several others

Grammy Award winning
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir (choir master)
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (vocal coach for the „Let us make an opera“ and rock opera "Nordic Maiden" by Kangro/Valkonen, choir master for Barbara Hendricks Christmas tour in Estonia and Rachmnaninov "The Bells" performance)
Worked as a piano teacher and kindergarten music teacher, conductor of several chamber choirs  and a female choir

Participated in the masterclasses and project sessions/concerts under conductors Stephen Layton, Ira Spaulding, Andre Cats, Gregory Rose, Leo Krämer, Olari Elts, Andres Mustonen, Arvo Volmer among others and toured as a choir member in Russia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Finland, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia ao.